We Can Come To You

You don't have to stop the job to drive somewhere and have your machines repaired. We offer mobile services!

Whatever your project, WE've got the experience


But it doesn't have to be that way! If your drum sander is suffering from chatter, get your drum dressed and balanced, and your paper tension adjusted. You won't believe the results! If it's time for a new drum, we have those too.

Belt Sander Blues

We understand why you bought that belt sander (no more chatter), but once you develop the infamous wave we also understand how to fix it. We have the equipment to dress your drum, or replace it as needed. Paper rollers, wheels, chassis movement, and bearing quality also play an important role.

Silverline Edger Dust Pickup

Did you know that, even if you don't have a special edger designed for enhanced dust pickup, pictured above, we can convert your existing machine? Enhancements include: dust skirt with holder, 1.5 or 2 inch dust chute, special vacuum enhancer, and a nylon glide.

Save your armature

Carbon brushes should be checked every three months. Sticking brushes and excess dust can damage your equipment without routine maintenance. We offer full motor rebuilds as well as tuneups. A turn and undercut to your armature may occasionally be needed. Don't neglect your armature, they are very expensive to replace.

UFOs/Protect Your Polisher

UFOs require periodic maintenance. There is a clutch assembly, pictured above, that needs cleaning and torque adjustments to ensure that you don't damage your polisher. Inspection/replacement of eight special bearings is also performed.

Overloading your Hummel Motor

Scheduled bearing maintenance throughout this machine will extend the life of your motor significantly. The Hummel control box is costly to maintain, but when it's time, we carry a complete American made replacement box for one half the cost.